Our Specialists

Kiti DC Basnet

Glenelg Studio, SA.

Kiti DC Basnet is the very first lucky gem chosen by Anjali when she first opened her studio in 2014. Since then, Kiti has been an integral part of Anjali’s journey. She is currently the salon manager at Glenelg, SA. She is second to none when it comes to eyebrow threading and her attention to detail is astounding. She has a very humble and down to earth nature which makes her one of the favourites among our clientele.

Lovepreet Kaur

Port Adelaide Plaza Studio

Lovepreet is one of the best brow artists we have here with us in Adelaide. She started her journey with us in 2016. She comes with an abundance of knowledge in all facets of beauty. Her expertise in the art of eyebrow threading and makeup has given her a huge fan following. Her lovely smile and outgoing approach will surely make anyone comfortable and you will never be disappointed with her professionalism. Lovepreet currently manages our Port Adelaide Plaza Studio, SA.

Casuarina Square Studio, Darwin.

Seema Arora

If there is one word to define Seema, it would be dedication. Seema joined our family in 2018. She has more than 20 years of experience in beauty therapy and is highly skilled in all areas of beauty. She looks after our Casuarina Square Studio in Darwin, NT. Her level of professionalism and commitment to work is exceptional which makes one of the top talents in our team. She is a gem of a person and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Renu Shrestha

Casuarina Square Studio, NT

Renu is the first staff chosen by Anjali for Casuarina Square. She started her journey with us in 2016 and has been supporting our team ever since. She is a pro in doing lash extensions which makes her one of the favourites among our customers. She is a gracious, kind and friendly person with full of energy.

Tara Poudel

Macquarie Centre Studio, NSW.

Tara joined our team in 2016 and she currently works in our Macquarie Centre Studio, NSW. She along with Seepa and Jyoti looks after our Macquarie Centre salon. Tara’s strongest expertise is in Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination and she has worked with one of the renowned brow bars in Sydney. She is a fun-loving and joyful person with full of energy which keeps people around her happy.

Sheepa Pokrel

Macquarie Centre Studio, NSW.

Seepa is the absolute best when it comes to Lash Extensions. She is a pro who can work magic on lashes which makes her the sweetheart for her clients. She joined us in 2019 and is currently managing our Macquarie Centre Salon along with Tara and Jyoti. Seepa has worked with one of the
well-known lash bars in Sydney. Her charm and natural charisma is what defines her.

Jyoti Thapa

Macquarie Centre Studio, NSW.

Jyoti was handpicked by Anjali in 2019 after seeing her extraordinary precision skills in threading. She is an all-rounder and extremely brilliant when it comes to beauty treatments. she is one of the finest in our team. She currently shares the responsibility of looking after our Macquarie Centre Studio with Tara and Seepa. She is a very polite and gentle soul.