Anjali Brows & Beauty

Established in 2014, Anjali Brows & Beauty is well-known for the specialisation in the art of eyebrow threading. Founded by a qualified beauty therapist and an aspiring entrepreneur Anjali; she utilises her passion for beauty to offer individually-tailored, bespoke eyebrow treatments to her clients. With over 15 years of experience, Anjali blends her expertise in the traditional skill of precision threading along with specialist waxing and tinting to innately frame the face, creating a flawless look.  She has been ranked as one of the top eyebrow threading specialists in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Our studios are the ultimate luxury destination for those who are in search of perfect brows. Moreover, we are the first company to open a salon/studio for eyebrow threading in South Australia and Northern Territory when threading wasn’t so popular. After the success of our Adelaide and Darwin studios, we have now expanded to New South Wales. We have also opened our FIRST standalone flagship studio in Glenelg, SA recently. Currently, you can find our studios in Macquarie Centre Sydney, Casuarina Square Darwin, Port Adelaide Plaza Adelaide and our Flagship studio in 698A Anzac Hwy, Glenelg Adelaide.

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Our Team

Expertly crafted brows.

Expertly crafted brows are an absolute artform, something that only a highly skilled and well-trained brow artist can deliver. At Anjali Brows & Beauty, our team is handpicked and trained by Anjali herself. She trains her team so that each and every client is treated with the same insight, discretion and luxury.  She also ensures her team offers a professional, polished and polite approach, with an unrivalled level of attention to detail, clinical precision, and expertise.

Our Mission

Empower everyone.

At Anjali Brows & Beauty, it’s our mission to embrace and empower everyone who comes through our doors to feel confident and beautiful. We assure you that you will remember not only the welcoming atmosphere and excellent treatments, but also being given an incredible level of service and warmth that existing valued clientele know is always part of the experience when they step through the door. 

About Us

Anjali Brows & Beauty

Your eyes are the window to your soul, the part of you that reflect the essence of who you are. Framing them beautifully is the key to enhancing the overall natural beauty of your face, which is what Anjali Brows & Beauty innately understands when we expertly transform your look. We are the experts and we know what your brow requires to be perfect for you. We are always artful in the way we deliver this.  It may be a subtle shape change that opens your whole eye area up like never before, or weaving the arts of threading, waxing and tinting to arrive at an overall stunning finished result. We have mastered this art over time, creating for each client an individual experience that is complete only with an undefinable wow factor. At Anjali Brows & Beauty, the lightest of touches can have the most dramatic results.